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Update by user Jul 12, 2018

7.12.18 Since my last post here I have called GM Customer Service. The customer support team has been very courteous and patient with my ranting and frustrations.

After speaking to the first lady who calmly and professionally listened until I was completely done, then opened a case number and informed me that she had notated the case and someone would call me in a few days. The next lady did call me shortly thereafter and was again very patient with me while I basically verbally blasted her. I was very impressed, still quite frustrated, but these girls know how to hold it together. I am not sure at this time what is going to come of this but the case manager that I spoke with explained to me that GM wants a second opinion and has now scheduled an appointment with me to go into another dealership to do so.

She even called me a second time to follow up regarding date and time confirmation. She explained to me that this new service department would be willing to wait for me to be present in order that I may confirm the smell with the service technician in the car. However, once the service technician was brought up to speed and experienced the issue, Rosner Chevrolet (where I bought my car and had already taken the car apart before) would have to be the dealer/service department to make the repairs. I couldn't really compose myself very well and ranted to her again that I felt this was not a dealership issue regarding service.

I felt it is a manufacturer defect and the Rosner service department didn't know how to resolve the issue after dealing with GM Service assistants and having the car completed gutted with my seats out, dash off, and the floral scent they added in my vents the second time they took the car in so how in the world would that service department be able to resolve the issue this time by having this second opinion that there is indeed a mold/mildew smell coming out of the vents upon initial startup of the vehicle! I also ranted that I believed it is a design flaw in the engineering of either the parts or the materials the parts were made out of hence, would not be able to be resolved by Rosner Chevrolet or even this Buick GM dealer being as Rosner has already dealt with GM trying to resolve it before. I asked her to notate my case of those concerns and that I wanted to be present for this second opinion, not only so that I could confirm myself the technician smells the odor, but also so that I can hear it from them if they feel it is something that can be fixed and what they believe that fix is. We will see what happens at this appointment on July 20th.

Just to ensure they have a true recreation of the issue, I will park the car at the Buick GM dealership at 9am and will be returning to the dealership at my usual time I get off work at 5pm to run the test for the technician. I will also be leaving the car locked and will not be leaving my keys at the dealership.

Original review posted by user Jun 25, 2018

Since purchasing the vehicle from Rosner Chevrolet, I have returned to the service department on 3 separate occasions. Initially, it was because of a chemical smell that would come out of the vents from time to time. The first time they took the car in, they claimed to not smell a chemical smell and claimed they tried and tried to recreate the issue. I gave them the benefit of a doubt and decided I would make sure I was with them when it happened again so there was no doubt.

Well, after a little while longer, I started smelling a moldy mildew smell coming out of the AC vents upon initial startup of the vehicle and I continued smelling the chemical smell sporadically, but at least 1-2 times before getting to the grocery store and back.

Gradually, the mildew smell was getting worse and worse daily. Then, I was driving the car around all day on a Friday and began smelling this chemical smell about every 3-4 minutes. I was so sickened to my stomach that I immediately stopped by the dealership and asked the service manager, Jeff, to ride with me so that he could experience it. He agreed and we took a 20 minute ride in which on several occasions during the ride, he agreed with me there was a chemical type smell coming from the vents sporadically. I also told him about the mold, mildew smell upon initial startup of the vehicle.

Rosner Chevrolet took the car in and gave me a rental for several days. They claimed they couldn't find anything wrong. They took the seats out, front dash off and accessed the evaporator coil cover and housing. They said there was no visible sign of mold or mildew so they wiped the inside of this with some kind of flora scent and put everything back together and gave the car back. Not sure why they would have wiped that floral scented stuff in there if they didn't find anything wrong.

After another few months, the mildew smell came back and I can still smell the chemical smell sporadically. Of course, I have called them several time and the service manager tells me he has tried to handle the issue with GM explaining to them the problem. He received some kind of report that there is an issue with the evaporator housing and some instructions on what to do for it. This time, I told them the smell was getting really bad and told them I didn't want anything from them, no rental or anything free from them, I just want the smell fixed. Rosner took the car again. Before taking it in the third time, I made sure that every time I started the car I could smell it and the smell was very strong.

William from Rosner called me last Friday, June 22, saying they want me to come get the car. I asked what issue was found and what was done to resolve it. He told me that nothing was in the paperwork and the people that had worked on the vehicle were not there. I told him it was my son's birthday and that I cannot come get the vehicle because we were halfway to Orlando at that point to celebrate. We wouldn't be back until late and I needed something in the paperwork stating what they did to the car (in writing). I told him I would come Monday to pick up the car but had to have in writing what was done to resolve the issue.

Today, June 25, I call to find out what was written in the paperwork and still nothing. Jeff, one of the service advisors, told me he had no idea what was done and had no idea why there wasn't anything in the paperwork. A little while later someone else calls me and tells me they had several people in and out of the car and no one smelled the mildew smell coming out of the vents. He told me that out of the week they have had this car, that not one person smelled the mold mildew smell. When I asked him if all these people were sitting in the car when the car was initially started for the first time, he said no they weren't.

I have been dealing with this mold smell and this chemical smell for months now. I bought a brand new 2017 car from these companies because I trusted them. That trust is now broken because there is no way you should ever have to deal with something like this when you pay as much as we do (as a consumer) for a vehicle. This will be the last Chevy I own and I will make it one of my life's missions to inform the public about being leery of purchasing these new vehicles from Chevrolet because they will not be willing to correct a mistake even if it is so obvious.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Chevrolet Cruze Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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